Happy Market

HaPpy mArKet – Paris 2012!! It was a great welcoming back to France after the ‘france 3 Tv’ program. summer is beautiful in Paris. so I decided to do the ‘HaPpy mArKet’. It was organized at Mr. & Mrs. Mohomad’s living room in republique, Paris. perfect place!

HaPpy MarKeT II was another successful evening. We had different crowd of people came to see, buy and enjoy DENETH evening. Thank you for the hosting party as well as the Music Matter guys who played magical live music. wait for the HaPpy MarKet III in June!

HaPpY mArKet is an evening with DENETH brand in a smaller comfortable living room space where everyone is welcome to get to know DENETH brand, how it has been made, to meet the flower power team, to see the past stories from around the world with DENETH. anyone who are interested to host this evening can invite us to create an laid back fashion evening with live music, artistic performance in your living room. Our 1st HaPpY mArKeT was hosted in our dear friend Arati’s house in Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.