About Cheetha


‘Cheetha’ is popular among village culture. Especially older generation wear around the house as well as to work in the paddy fields. I began to notice ‘cheetha’ textile was a rare seen around us today and its slowly disappearing from our culture with “westernization”. among Sri Lankan high society ‘Cheetha’ has given a ‘low social status’ that is only worn by housemades or poor people around the city.

‘Cheetha’ carries my childhood and the weightlessness of life as a child. Therefore I choesed ‘Cheetha’ to create modern clothes in way its fits to today’s society. Deneth brand contributes in our own way to sustainable development of our hometown Kurunegala, the capital of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka as well as in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka by working with families, providing jobs for women at home who help us in our creative endeavors.
DENETH is the first Sri Lankan fashion brand to use ‘Cheetha’ to create modern clothing in Sri Lanka and bring it to the international catwalks.
DENETH brand aims to preserve a part of Sri Lanka’s disappearing rural heritage, and reinvent it for new generations to enjoy.